Parry – He d’esborrar les nits, de ràbia i de feblesa; he d’esborrar el pensar que sempre ens toca perdre…. …

What are we about to do?

> What are we about to do?pqu2k8ufnko11

- You're walking me home. I think you're a little attracted to me.
And you'll probably want to come upstairs for some coffee.

> I don't drink coffee.

- Then we'll probably have a drink. And talk and get to know each other...
...a little better, get comfortable.
And then you'll… You'll sleep over. And in the morning, you'll awake...
...and you'll be distant.

And you won't be able to stay for breakfast. Maybe just a cup of coffee.

> I don't drink coffee.

- And then...
...we'll exchange phone numbers. And you'll leave… /...and never call.
And I'll go to work, and I'll feel so good...
...for the first hour, and then...

...ever so slowly,

I'll turn into a piece of dirt.
//////////////////////////////////I don't know why I'm putting myself
through this.////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

It was really nice to meet you.
- Good night.
> Good night.
Excuse me! Wait, just… Sorry. Wait one minute. Excuse me.Please wait.
- I'm not feeling very well.
> Well, no wonder. We just met, made love and broke up, all in the space of    seconds.
I don't remember the first kiss,              which is the best part.
- It was very special to meet you.
> It was for me too, but I think it's time you should shut up now.
Shut up. Please?
I'm not coming up to your apartment. That was never my intention.
- You don't want to.

> Oh, no, I want to.
But I don't want just one night.
I have a confession I have to make to you.

- You're married?&You're divorced?&You have a disease?

> No, please stop.
I'm in love with you. And not just from tonight.I've known you for a long time. I know that you come out from work and fight your way out that door. You get pushed back in, and then you come back out.
I walk with you to lunch.
It's a good day...
...if you stop and get that romance novel at that store
I know on Wednesdays,
you go to that dim sum parlour.
And I know that you get a jawbreaker
before you go back into work. And I know you hate your job and you don't have many friends.
Sometimes you feel uncoordinated...
...and you don't feel as wonderful as everybody else. Feeling as alone and separate as you feel you are...

I love you.
I love you. hehe
I think you're the greatest thing
since spice racks.
I'd be knocked out if I could just have that first kiss.
                                              And I won't be distant.
I'll come back in the morning.
I'll call you, if you'll let me.
But I still don't drink coffee.

Mercedes Ruehl