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Women and gender studies Gigi Hadid felt the term “sex” was very limited. When she found out about the term “partnered sex”, which required “sex” to encompass experiencing pleasure with one’s self, she immediately called her sister Bella, and quoted Roland Barthes: “what I hide by my language, my body utters”
This single panel comic (a term, which just told me when he said “memes are single pane comics”), also because his words are in the caption.
to begin with
  • ripans@wwmeow it’s from one of my favourite books by Roland Barthes 😊💕I’m pasting a link but it’s a nice book to read in print, in fragments, before bed, or whenever. I swear.
  • texturesfromdailyoutbursts I hate myself for saying this but I feel liking your posts is highest level of social signaling. And I hate myself even more for thinking like that bc it’s objectively good content, witty and funny but I’m kidding no one by saying the obvious that there’s definitely people lurking other’s people likes. Now I look seclusive or greedy but whatever, your account is a lovely experience
  • ripans@texturesfromdailyoutbursts I think I know what u mean but can I problematize this for a second and say that this is because we exist in a Society(tm) where “high taste” is based on perceived intellectual capital when everything has the condition of possibility to be meaningful or useless or many things at once
  • ripans@texturesfromdailyoutbursts in other words we should not get hung up on how we signal to others but I feel u. -This post brought to u by Pierre Bourdieu’s spirit