Ara entenc la notorietat de Hockney – BOLD but acute, quasi telegrafiat

“”It started personal and it stayed personal. Three years ago the artist David Hockney realized that he could not draw like Ingres. Worse yet, he thought that Andy Warhol could. Warhol’s drawings were confident, quick and correct. They had the cool assurance of a photograph. The reason was clear: Warhol made his drawings by tracing photographs.

Starting with that jangling observation, Mr. Hockney derived a new theory of art and optics: around 1430, centuries before anyone suspected it, artists began secretly using cameralike devices, including the lens, the concave mirror and the camera obscura, to help them make realistic-looking paintings. Mr. Hockney’s list of suspects includes van Eyck, Caravaggio, Lotto, Vermeer and of course the maddeningly competent draftsman Ingres.””

Eakins i “mimesophobia, the morbid fear of slavish imitation.” Nectarines i préssecs aplanats amb tonyina.

Thanos and Dubya en una peli de les fluixes de’n Allen. Res de Barry, toquem fusta.

Carboard Lamb (’81) – I’m losing my edge /’05/