Yesterday’s Thresh

Oh why she had to go, I don’t know.

Oh yesterday!… Loves such an easy game to play………………………….YES!trdy


New beginnings. Like very much the way an inning comes after the latter, new sights are onto us. Well mixed with DFW, and rhythmically synced to Draft Punk beats, van Kilmer destroys a well cooked steak on earth while gently whispering: “But I’m so tired of squinting”. The cause of such Pain can only be attributed to heart-ache after her love interest and fellow co-astronaut ostensibly dries to death, naturally induced secondary effects of having joyfully embraced radioactive gamma rays. This convoluted metaphor isn’t but the never released after-credits scene of the critically shunned and cosmically underrated 2000’s movie “RED PLANET”, and might find useful to illustrate that in many ways, leaving things behind can be of use as tools when in the path for love and (religiously “meaningful”) “meaning”. Ath tis point (pun intended) the only thing lacking is a snark ridden, truly post-Post-modern. If I’m allowed to flex the brushstroke variance palette, only a warm BSO by new age Sinatra Pawl L0ren, could yearn better for a sweltering strive for fondness and amity[LY] intimacy. L.O.V.E.|||| w/ a twist·



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