Veure canvis en la gent i voler obviar-los perque Instagram és un medi nefast were creedcsn ~~~ somnis daurats de Yule ball a Yantarnaya Komnata (Russian: Янтарная комната, German: Bernsteinzimmer, Polish: Bursztynowa komnata)

[–]xyrymyry 3 puntos hace 9 horas So who is supposed to be recording it? The cuffed consellers or the police insulting? Their lawyers job is not to go around carrying a GoPro in its forehead hoping to catch institutional misconduct and, anyways, in many places he doesn’t have access. You exhibit deeply rooted intellectual dishonesty and it’s scary. You seem to think that police is not aware of what constitutes professional misconduct and don’t just wait to exert their violence when they are free from repercussions. Requesting proof is fine when it’s plausible, possible (in the consellers hands to record its handling) and not against the law the record the treatment received by our very own police force. You are just siding with the one aggressing to fit you moral blind sports. Despicable. Yeah, might tone might not be the best but then again, you can represent yourself while my representation has to bear a cell and hostile environment because they dared to defend a political option (read JxS program). So yeah, you can demand proof as much as you want but L’infern n’és ple de bones intencions.

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PD: I’m not usually that punyent but then again, in that ocasion I was drunkymad. I’m a shit tier human being myself.