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    I don’t know if anyone is familiar with this but…
    I’ve always heard that a reporter was able to crack the story because at a press reception once, Walt Disney was talking about Florida and pronounced the city of Kissimmee correctly (“Ka-sim-ee”) whereas most who were not familiar with the area pronounced it “Kiss-a-me”. This let the reporter know that Walt Disney had been spending time in Central Florida and was probably behind the “mystery” companies that were buying all of the land.
    I’ve heard this story a few times but I’ve never found anything to back it up. If anyone know of any more information I’d love to hear it!

    I found a story about Robert Price Foster[1] where he mentions the difference in the pronunciation of Kissimmee
    With his allies at work in South Florida, Bob began his trip up the state, scouting several proposed locations. Not wanting to draw unnecessary attention to himself, Bob had been coached on phonetics. For instance, he could pronounce “Toe-hope-a-ka-loga” (as in, the Florida lake). “But my fragile facade was broken when a service station attendant volunteered, ‘You ain’t a native. Where you from?’” Bob had goofed. He had asked how far it was to “Kiss-a-me” (Kissimmee), as opposed to “Ka-sim-ee.” “My first lesson on the rules of behavior: Listen, don’t talk.”

    and there is a separate bit about the reporter asking Walt Disney about it
    The shrewd Emily Bavar, a writer for the Sentinel, had met with Walt earlier that fall at the Studio when editors of major newspapers were invited for a visit. As Bob remembers, “Ms. Bavar had asked Walt if it was Disney that was buying all that land. As Walt related the incident to us, he gave an evasive answer and passed it off. Bavar read the reply as not being a denial, and opted to consider it an admission.”
    Bavar wrote, “In talking to Disney, it became immediately apparent he had watched the eastern United States with interest and speculation.” Supposedly, Walt demonstrated how familiar he was with tourist figures and offered climate and population reasons as to why Florida would be unsuitable as a site for an amusement enterprise. That’s an awful lot of knowledge for a man who was not interested in purchasing land in Central Florida. “There is only one Disneyland,” and Walt reportedly added, “…as such.”


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