“Reading” too much Bukowski

h https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=9dKbZVx1kGQ

So, as i was ready to dissect the pounding repetition of bukowski’s genius rhymes, I felt like not doing that and instead try to explore whether putting quotation marks on this is a lie or not; and whether if procrastinating by playing only one more game of lol (laughter o laughter) can be withstood as more than a nihilist cry for wasting oxygen. Self-hatred and contempt abiding

But then the flame busted it’self outward…

Two rooms nearby, a contradictorycly,  religiously reference void and brain-molding epithet ridden song, masks the utter lack of self-conciousness of an objective bad hombre. Al capital sins without those that require actual courage, seasoned with a thick layer of ignorant petulance and petulant ignorance; within. Apparently that’s this particular thread of the intended spotless sails of society unfolding and fraying, unaccounted and discounted for in a sea of waterdesert-like picturesque portraiture.

Oh, and yesterday my very dear abuelita told me off as a mamarracho with a sassy smirk, while l’avi admitted that many years ago lost it’s temper being the fresh kiddo Jean_Pierre the beneficiary of such crass barrage of verbiage [allegedly]. I wonder what exactly meant by “vaig perdre els nervis” and how does it compare to the many mistakes and misconducts my dado “(verbo dar; 2ª persona del plural del imperativo-O)©©.

If I ever was forced to put those misbehavings into an artistic framework; i would choose the ceramic sunflower seeds pile-up by Ai Wei Wei.


Ser paterfamilias ja pot arribar a ser ben-ben-ben dificil




Time to look up the price of one ceramic sunflower seed on Ebay. Saddened by his bourgeois demeanor; he just resorted to blatant subtractive (aka stealing in layman terms) copy-paste [actually couldn’t and had to resort to screen-capture it like in the worst pokemon nightmares].

Captura de pantalla 2017-02-12 a les 13.57.24.png