Witty 4:03 AfterMeridium Title

“… no not in the shower, I’m a bath man myself, I was always to skinny for a shower the water kept missing me on both sides, but it ain’t been missing me latley, I will tell you that!
But given the choice more than anything else I would rather sing with people in front of me, ’cause I love to see them sitting out there, ’cause when there sitting out there they’re not coming up to get me! Yeah people; nice, smiling, receptive, unarmed people because when all is said and done, whether a performer is by himself in a recording studio or facing a lonley camera on a empty soundstage, it’s the people he’s trying to reach.

Aaaaand it’s the people what make you and if your not doing your proper work, it’s the people who gonna break you, so I better get back to my work, before I get my old job back…

Oh I had a job, I was a house comic for ‘Crosetti pasta and olive oil company’. Do you know what a thrill it is to get attacked by a herd of wet linguini?! Anyway here’s our latest reprise release, it’s a good tune and a lyric that gives you something to think about. …”