“Monday Tuesday is my weekeeeeeeeeeend”

First of all, before we devolve into discussing the topic of today’s entry, i feel like there’s the need to discuss the reach of references when laid down in text form. Not unusual to be left to feel like a tactless idiot because the referencefull words didn’t translate into meaning on the receiver end of the deal. The lightbulb doesn’t lit and now the dread comes galloping down the stone bridges of the sound of silence. And that may be haunting when they happen on a high stakes situation. With no effort can you picture the cold, saint face of disinterest on the factions of the would be love interest.

Aaaaaah, I’ve just made myself sad again.

I will carry on writing and persist on the main topic when i hera ahain El Mañana from Gorillaz.


Carry on.

“I feel I should make this point preemptively — requiring context to be understood/enjoyed is not a flaw. How many people could sit through a baseball game without knowing the rules?
I also want to clarify that I am not trying to justify the crazy price-tags on these works of art. I’m only answering the question of why these works were ever considered valuable in the first place.
I am a bot, and […]”

MEDIUM. AT THE MEDIUM. TROUGH IT. THE MET. Derecho de servidumbre de MEDIANERÍA. MEDIUM (tv series). MEDIUM despite CONTEXT. conText although meDIUm