This unknown and subterfugely form of catalan independentism expression woo-es me

This is not Spain Painting by Chris Stevens

Art Description

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

2284514-ERNWLQFQ-6.jpgThere were a group of skateboarders outside MACBA in Barcelona who were as much interested in taking pictures of themselves as actual skateboarding.

Keywords: people, political, realism, urban, fine art, figurative


My take: The composition is just sickeningly good. As a Catalan myself i can’t but wonder if the artist knew how deep this frame depicts  the current state of catalan politics and the youth disaffection for any way of political discourse participation beyond the usual platitudes. Why does this youth doesn’t vote? how can they dis-care this much.? Even within the all the more inclusive independentist forces you can sense the unyielding resolution of someone that has the need to slowly but surely tip the boat to take the selfie that establishes himself. Sure this like will knock it out the stadium-park. I wouldn’t frame it but it does become a hell of a buy in my book, just by the history and sociologicallywise aspect. I would buy the original if i had the money.

I think Chris Stevens had to have known. Succinctly. In their particularly way. But it shows.






” Well, if you aren’t, and strive for good; why not try something new.”