Sara Claus is coming. ≅ to town.

In (Pau) Claris; Non Fit Interpretatio.

Sinagra: All Or Nothing At All. Deluxe Edition.



“Do you think he did it?” Bush asked.

“Yeah,” one of the lawyers said. “I think he did it.”


All right,” the president said when the lawyers concluded their assessment. “So why do you think he did it? Do you think he was protecting the vice president?”

“I don’t think he was protecting the vice president,” Burck said.


Bush did not seem convinced. “I think he still thinks he was protecting Cheney,”[…] “Now I am going to have to have the talk with the vice president,” Bush said. That was the sort of unpleasant business that for eight years he had left to Cheney. It was the vice president who delivered the bad news, for instance, to Paul O’Neill and Donald Rumsfeld when they were fired.

All right,”