∂- Doing collages has never been And; never will, be a form of art in itself {[but that won’t stop me for plastering my tabs into somewhat redeeming of my lost time]}

Before anything else; even time, God took a deep breath and while looking downside into this abyss of seinfeldly nothingness, He said:

“boy, i am really looking forward to what depths of utter-fuckedness this sessions creation is gonna develop into as I usually do, i just hope I don’t stop exiting (aka existential hearth attack) or just get distracted before i get to shut down my toys, poor things they don’t know but they wouldn’t want to evolve uncontrollable and spasm driven millennia after millennia. Ha! like that could happen! I am God after all. Good chuckle, but now what could really happen? I mean I once watched a Rick and Morty episode with similarities to this worlds within worlds. Black Mirror wad this with consciousness copies forced to slave away in exchange for their existence. The LEGO Movie also tackled this on a Meta level… Could this be the key to understanding toe core of religion?! Wait! am i god or just another layer in someone’s simulation playground? Don’t be delusional; don’t wanna risk losing your mojo and stop being omnipotent, after all, delusion-exuded confidence is always better than (>) reality-forced humility which ends up becoming a big huge hurdle of unproductivity. Nah, poor pets doesn’t even come what’s coming their way today!, I am upping a few notches the environmental externalities of their reality! I AM IN CONTRoL!”


by this moment he felt the huge urge to abstain from linking anything and just from that he felt evermore so lonely and naïve, and following suit; he died.